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Do You Ship Worldwide?

Currently, we only ship within the United States.

Customers interested in getting their hands on our products outside of the US can purchase via:

  • a proxy from the United States.
  • an international shipper that can reroute their Dark Iron Fitness accessories to their final, international destination.


How Do I Qualify for Free Shipping?

Any order placed within the United States will receive complimentary shipping!


How Long Does Shipping Take?

When ordering from our website, our standard shipping times are normally as follows:

  • Weightlifting accessories – on average, 4-7 business days
  • Dark Iron Fitness apparel – on average, 5-8 business days

Our clothing currently ships from a separate warehouse from our accessories and your apparel items are normally made on demand once ordered.

Please keep these estimated shipping times in mind when ordering our weightlifting accessories and apparel.


Where is the Tracking for My Order?

After orders are placed, your payment needs to be processed, then your order(s) will be picked, packaged, and shipped.

Once your item(s) have shipped, you will be updated on the current status of the order and be provided with the option to track your order or be updated by email/text.

For our apparel items, occasionally the tracking information will not be updated/sent to customers.

Please reach out to us if you would like your apparel tracking information by contacting our customer support with this inquiry form.




Is Exchange/Return Shipping Free?

Since we offer free shipping on all of our orders, we ask that customers cover the cost of their exchange/return shipping.

For exchanges, we will still ship your new product to you with shipping covered by us.

To see how the process works, click here and open the exchanges/returns tab.




What Does the Lifetime Warranty Cover?

Our warranty will cover any damage to your products that result in them falling apart, being broken, or becoming unsafe and structurally unsound for proper use in the gym.

To guarantee that you are covered for your lifetime warranty, please register your product(s) here.


How Do I Claim My Warranty Replacement?

For any and all warranty replacement claims for damaged/defective products, please follow the directions below or start the process by visiting our warranty replacement page:

  1. Make sure you are signed up for the lifetime warranty program
  2. Send us an email with:
    • A few photos of the damage
    • The replacement item you are requesting (item name, color, and size)
    • Your shipping details where you’d like your replacement sent

Once these two processes are completed, we will create a fulfillment order for your replacement product(s) and respond back to your email verifying the estimated arrival date of your new item(s).


What if Someone Steals my Product or it Gets Lost?

Unfortunately, there are thieves out there who seek to steal property.

There is no excuse for this.

Furthermore, we fully understand that some customers can be forgetful and lose or misplace their products around the house or at the gym.

First, we recommend checking with the attendants at your gym to try and solve the problem of stolen property — though they usually aren’t liable, they are often willing to help you retrieve your items if they can.

For anyone who has lost or misplaced their product, we ask that you diligently retrace your steps, as this often leads to the success of finding your missing item.

Though we do not offer warranty replacements for these two scenarios, we are sympathetic to your situation and would love to help you out by offering a 10% discount code on any replacement product you’d like to repurchase through our store.

Feel free to contact us about your predicament and we’ll gladly respond back with a discount code you can apply at checkout.


If I’ve Outgrown my Product(s), Will You Replace It/Them?

Another scenario we can’t account for is how your body will change over time during your fitness journey.

Obviously, we are stoked that you’ve either put on muscle and size or achieved your weight loss goals.

However, since this is not a factor we can control, growing out of your product(s) does not fall under our warranty.

So, we suggest that when you purchase your product(s), you consider your weightlifting goals and where you see yourself in the future.

If you are between sizes on our sizing charts and are attempting to lose weight, you should probably size down.

Those of you looking to gain size and mass, and fall between sizes on our sizing charts, should probably lean towards sizing up.

Feel free to reach out to us with your individual situation, as we are always here to help answer questions and resolve sizing issues.

Remember: This is only referring to customers who, with time and use, no longer fit their product(s).

If you purchased a product and it doesn’t fit when tried on brand new, out of the packaging, please refer to our exchanges/returns section for your options.




When Will the Product I want Be Back in Stock?

Though we try our best to keep all of our products in stock at all times, we do occasionally sell out of certain items.

Whether this is a sold out size, design, or the complete stock of a product — we are always working hard to replenish our stock so it is back in the store, ready to sell.

For any out of stock items, we will post restock updates via our mailing list, Instagram, and our blog.

If you need a more detailed timeline, feel free to contact us with the specific item(s) you are looking for, and we’ll do our best to give you an accurate update on restock times.


Why Doesn’t The Warranty Page Let me Register My Product(s)?

On certain browsers, our warranty page has shown to have trouble loading.

First, we suggest that you try loading the page again with another browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) to see if that solves the issue.

If the page continues to give you trouble, it’d be our pleasure to manually input you into our system for your warranty registration.

Please contact us with the following information so we may assist in your registration:

  1. The email address you’d like your lifetime warranty registered under
  2. The full name you’d like your lifetime warranty registered under
  3. The product(s) you are registering for your lifetime warranty

Once we receive your details, we’ll register you into the system and you’ll be sent a copy of your warranty email, as well as a reply back stating that you’ve been manually entered and are fully covered!

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.


How Can I Become Sponsored by Dark Iron Fitness?

We typically work with social influencers and athletes who have amassed large followings on social media and are enthusiastic to partner with us.

Whether it be through Instagram or YouTube, if you are working hard to make an impact for the better, through fitness, then we are extremely excited to work with you.

However, more recently, we’ve noticed the need to expand our sponsorships out to those who don’t have large followings.

Now, we offer those within the Dark Iron Fitness community the opportunity to become brand reps for us!

Instead of relying on your social influence, all you need to do is represent DIF to the fullest and work hard to convert sales and help build up our community.

If you are able to generate $250 worth of sales, 3 months in a row, you will be eligible for the brand rep program.

For more information about these sponsorships and the sign-up page for our referral program, visit our partnerships page.


Where are Dark Iron Fitness Products Designed and Manufactured?

All of our product design and innovation occurs in-house, in the USA.

We then work closely with our partnered manufacturers in China to bring the designs to life.

Still, to this day, when some people hear “Made in China” they automatically think of low-quality goods.

We understand that sentiment and generally agree, however, most of the products produced in China that are low-quality are from companies that don’t spend the money to manufacture high-quality products and are instead looking to make the most money by spending the least on materials and craftsmanship.

That is not what we do at Dark Iron Fitness.

We actually sacrifice making a better profit by spending a large amount of money to make sure the products we invested so much effort into designing are being manufactured correctly while using high-quality materials.

Our cost of goods is extremely high, but so is our quality.

We do this because we know that customers prefer a product and brand that they can trust, rely on, and uses only the best resources possible.


What Product Will You Make Next?

We are always looking towards the future and working on innovating the next best accessory.

Recently, we released our three new products: ankle strapsgym gloves, and knee sleeves.

These designs were made to match the high-quality products that Dark Iron Fitness has become known for.

So, along with our other best-sellers, we hope to change the game with every new release we drop.

There are many more accessories we have planned, but we always focus on innovation first, so our new releases often take some time and a lot of work before they hit the market.

If there are any weightlifting accessories that you are dying for us to put our spin on, feel free to let us know.

Customer feedback plays a huge role in the direction we take as far as creating new products, working on redesigns, and consistently making our current line better and better.

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