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22 Different Kettle Bell Exercises You Can Do For A Great Workout

Nov 13, 2017

22 Different Kettle Bell Exercises You Can FollowThere a ton of different kettle bell exercises that one can do for a great workout.

Some are more interesting than others.

None the less no matter what different kettle bell exercise you do. You can be sure that you will be receiving a great workout as you do it.

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Now let’s move onto the 22 different kettle bell exercises

22 Different Kettle Bell Exercises You Can Do

Here is a rundown of different Kettlebell Exercises beginning with the best first.

It would be best to master each different kettlebell exercise first before moving onto a more challenging one.

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1 – Russian Kettlebell Swing

This is the most common exercise out of the different kettle bell exercises.

Trussian kettlebell swingargets: legs, glutes, hips, back, shoulders

Level: Awesome for Beginner

The most effective method to do is:

You you have to stand up straight, and with feet somewhat more extensive than hip-separate separated.

Grab the handle with the two hands, holding the palms look down and arms before the body.

Keep up a slight curve to the knee and drive the hips back, bringing down the body—however not very low (this isn’t a squat!).

At that point, in a smooth movement, Aggressively drive the hips forward while swinging the iron weight, keeping the glutes and center locked in.

Keep in mind: The movement should originate from the hips, not the arms, as the body comes back to standing.

Drop the weight down between the legs and keep this swinging movement going for 12 to 15 reps.

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2 – Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing

Single-Arm Kettlebell SwingTargets: Shoulders, back, hips, glutes, legs

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

The most effective method to do this:

This development is pretty similar to the two-handed swing, however utilizes one hand at any given moment.

Swing the portable weight up with one arm, yet swing the other arm to help drive force.

Interchange hands when the iron weight is behind the legs; go for 10 to 12 reps with each arm.

Image source: here

3 – Two-Arm Kettlebell Row

Two-Arm Kettlebell RowFocuses: shoulders, arms, back

Level: Good for Beginner-Intermediate

The most effective method:

You need to grab kettlebell weights for this one

Place them before the feet and curve the knees somewhat.

Next, twist around to snatch both iron weights and draw them towards the stomach, keeping the elbows near the body and the back straight.

Lower the weights, rehash for 12 to 15 reps max, feel like a champ.

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4 – Kettle bell Figure-8

Kettle bell Figure-8Targets: abs, back, arms

Level: Good for Intermediate

What to do:

You can start with legs somewhat more extensive than hip-width apart and lower yourself into a quarter-squat position. (Hold that back straight and chest up!)

Grab the portable weight with the left hand and swing it around the outside of the left leg and afterward back between the legs.

Next, pass the iron weight to the correct hand and swing it around the outside of the correct leg.

Keep this movement going.

Image source: here

5 – Kettle Bell Goblet Squat

Kettle Bell Goblet SquatTargets: back, glutes, legs

Level: Intermediate

How to:

Stand up straight, holding the portable weight before the chest with the two hands, keeping the elbows near the body.

Begin hunching down by driving the foot rear areas into the ground and driving the hips back until the point when the thighs are parallel to the ground or just underneath.

Come back to standing, and rehash for 15-20 reps (or all the more!)

Just recall: quality over amount!

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6 – Kettle Bell High Pull

Kettle Bell High PullTargets: legs, glutes, arms, shoulders

Level: Intermediate

The most effective method to

You need to turn those toes out 45 degrees with feet somewhat more than shoulder width apart.

Place the portable weight on the ground between the two legs and start to squat while keeping the center connected with, and grasp the iron weight handle with one hand.

At that point, utilizing power from the hips, push through the foot sole areas to get up, pulling the iron weight upwards while the elbow drives up.

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7 – Kettle Bell Lunge Press

Kettle Bell Lunge PressTargets: legs, glutes, shoulders, abs, arms, back

Level: Awesome for Intermediate

The most effective method:

Here’s another approach to flavor up those thrusts.

Stand up straight while holding the kettle bell weight before the chest with two hands, arms bowed and palms confronting each other.

Jump forward with one leg while raising the iron weight overhead (get it started!).

Come back to standing while at the same time restoring the iron weight to the chest.

Strive for 10-15 reps on every leg.

Image source: here

8 – Kettle Bell Sumo High-Pull

Focuses: arms, legs, shoulders, legs

Level: Good for Intermediate

The most effective method to:

This exercise is very similar to the normal kettle bell high pull but only in a sumo squat position.

Begin with the iron weight between the feet. Your feet should be wider than shoulder width apart.

Take hold of the handle with the two hands with the knees bowed and hips back.

At that point, pull the portable weight to the shoulders while the knees rectify and elbows rise.

Keep in mind: The power is coming for the most part from the hips, the arms pulling at the very end.

Keeping the center drew in the entire time, move the weight down by the ground and rehash for 12-15 reps.

9 – Kettle Bell Russian Twist

Kettle Bell Russian TwistTargets: Abs, obliques

Level: Incredible for Intermediate


Forget crunches.

Sit with the legs twisted and feet level on the floor, about hip width apart.

Hold the portable weight with the two hands at the chest, and after that recline to a 45 degree edge.

Here’s the fun part: Rotate the middle from left to right by contorting at the abdomen and swinging the portable weight over the body.

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10 – Kettle Bell Windmill

Kettle Bell WindmillTargets: hips, shoulders, obliques, abs, back

Level: Advanced


Hold the iron weight in the correct hand and point the feet 45 degrees away from the correct arm.

Raise the kettlebell overhead, bolt the arm, and keep your eyes on the weight (which will help keep the shoulders adjusted!).

Move your weight onto the correct leg and start twisting forward at the abdomen.

Keep the correct arm expanded overhead as the body twists forward and the left arm touches the ground. (For all you yogis out there, this should feel like triangle posture.)

let the kettle bell go down gradually, remaining in charge. Rehash for 6 to 8 reps on each side.

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Image source: here

11 – Single-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press

Targets: Chest, arms, center

Level: Intermediate

The most effective method:

You can lie on the ground with straight legs.

Grab a kettlebell weight close by and, with the palm looking in, press the weight straight up while pivoting the wrist (so the palms confront the feet).

Convey the iron weight down to the beginning position, and rehash for 6 to 8 reps.

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12 – Kettle Bell Slingshot

Kettle Bell SlingshotFocuses: Back, arms, abs, oblique

Level: Intermediate

Step by step instructions to:

Keep feet shoulder width apart, and hold the kettlebell in front of the body, arms reached out at chest level.

Swing the iron weight behind the back with one hand, at that point reach back with the inverse hand to grab it, swinging the portable weight to the front of the body.

Proceed round ‘n round for 8-12 reps, at that point switch bearings!

13 – Side Step Kettle Bell Swing

Targets: Legs, glutes, back

Side Step Kettle Bell Swing

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

The most effective method to

This move resembles the kettlebell swing just with a step involved.

grab a kettlebell and begin with the essential two-handed swing (see move No. 1).

At the point when the kettlebell is down between the feet, step the correct foot out to one side; at that point, when the bell is up, convey the left foot to meet the right (so the legs meet up).

Keep side-steppin’ your way to one side (10 to 15 stages), at that point head on back the other route, driving with the left foot.

Image source: here

14 – Kettle Bell Deadlift

Kettle Bell DeadliftTargets: abs, back, arms, glutes, legs

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

How to do it:

Who says you require a barbell to deadlift?

Remain with the kettlebellt between the feet on the floor.

Hunch down and grab the handle with the two hands while your back stays level.

Tighten those glutes, and keep the arms stretched out as the body ascends on up.

Go for 12 to 15 reps, keeping up legitimate frame all through.

Image source: here

15 – Kettle Bell Clean

Kettle Bell CleanTargets: Legs, butt, back

Level: Advanced

Instructions to:

Start with the kettlebell between your feet.

Start to swing upwards: you can Shrug your shoulders, then you can pull the body and kettlebell up to the shoulder.

The kettlebell should end in the “rack” position: laying on the lower arm, which is tucked near the body, the clench hand at your chest.

lower the weight down to the floor and rehash for 10 to 15 reps.

Image source: here

16 – Two-Arm Kettle bell Military Press

Two-Arm Kettle bell Military PressTargets: Shoulders, arms, back

Level: Advanced

How to:

Grab two portable weights and clean them to the “rack” position.

At that point, press the portable weights up while inclining forward at the abdomen so the weights are situated behind the head.

lower them to the shoulders and keep squeezing for 10 to 20 reps, contingent upon the weight you’re pushin’.

Image source: here

17 – Single-Arm Kettlebell Split Jerk

Single-Arm Kettlebell Split JerkTargets: legs, back, chest, shoulders

Level: Advanced

Step by step instructions to:

Start by cleaning the kettlebell weight to the shoulder, completing with the palm facing front.

Next, twist the knees and press the portable weight overhead while bouncing into a split jolt position. (Remain consistent!)

Return to standing while the portable weight stays overhead, and after that lower the weight.

Aaand rehash! Shoot for 4 to 6 on each side first of all.

Image source: here

18 – Single-Arm Kettle bell Snatch

Targets: back, chest, shoulders

Level: Advanced

The most effective method:

Start with an iron weight between the feet with the knees bent:

At that point, raise up to your toes, pulling the iron weight until the point that it achieves the chest with the elbow tucked in.

From that point, bring the weight overhead (hang on tight!).

At that point lower it down to the ground—that is one rep; strive for 6 to 8!

19 – Kettle bell Power Plank With Row

Kettle bell Power Plank With RowTargets: Abs, arms, back

Level: Intermediate/progressed


Begin in a plank position, however with your hands grabbing a hold of kettle bells.

At that point, lift one iron weight up so it reaches the hip—make sure to keep the elbow in!

Let down and rehash with the inverse arm.

Do 6 to 8 on each side, or until the point that you feel the consume!

Image source: here

20 – Kettle bell Half Get-Up

Kettle bell Half Get-UpTargets: Abs, arms, back

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

The most effective method:

It’s a great opportunity to get low. Rests on your back with legs straight out.

Broaden the correct arm straight up, kettlebell close by.

Next, twist the left knee and start to ascend, with the left arm keeping the body propped up.

Feel the abs consume?

You’re doing things right!

Sit as far as possible up, at that point deliberately come back to beginning position.

Thump out 8 to 10 reps for every side in case you’re up for the test.

Image source: here

21 – Kettle bell Push-Up

Targets: Chest, arms, back

Level: Intermediate/progressed

The most effective method:

This move is essentially a push-up, yet with portable weights included!

Grasp each handle in the standard beginning position, at that point bring down the body before pushing move down.

It’ll certainly feel testing with those hands on handles as opposed to on the floor! Shoot for 10-15 reps.

Image source: here

22 – Kettle bell Push-Up With Row

Targets: Chest, arms, back

Level: Advanced

Kettle bell Push-Up With Row

Step by step instructions:

Start in a push-up position with the correct arm holding the iron weight.

perform a push-up and lift the correct elbow by squeeze the shoulder joints together with the weight around six inches behind the body.

At that point return back to the beginning push-up position, pushing for 5 to 8 reps with each arm.

Conclusion – Different Kettle Bell Exercises You Can Follow

That’s all we have for today for the different kettle bell exercises.

Kettle bell weights are an incredible approach to flavor up the typical lifting schedule.

As you’ve probably seen there are a bunch of different kettle bell exercises you can do.

And, if you want to see a clear, concise periodic table of kettlebell exercises, check out this blog post by our friends over at Strength Stack 52.

A lot of the time it just takes a little creativity to think about how you can turn your normal exercise into and exercise that uses kettle bells.

Overall we hope that you found this list informative and that it gave you a lot of ideas about different kettle bell exercises to try out.

For those people who are interested to learn different kettle bell exercises but you don’t really have any experience with kettle bells yet, read this Kettlebell for Beginners.