June 9, 2017


Welcome to the Dark Iron Fitness website

Who Is Dark Iron Fitness:

Dark Iron Fitness is a small business who’s main focus is creating high quality and innovative genuine leather weightlifting accessories


  • Almost all of our products have over a 90% 5 star rating on Amazon
  • Our Genuine Leather Weightlifting Belt is the #1 highest reviewed and rated on Amazon
  • Our Barbell neck pad is the #1 highest reviewed and rated on Amazon
  • Our leather dip belt is the #2 highest reviewed and rated on Amazon (within a year we’ll be #1 count on it!)
  • Several of our other products are also on their way to earning the top spots in Amazon as well

What Our Goal Is:

Our main priority is focusing on our customers

Every product that we manufacture we find out what the customer wants and then design it to meet their needs

We find out what customers dislike about the current products that are out there, how we can improve them, and how we can make them better.

We make sure our products are unique, high quality, and affordable.

And of course, we make sure our customer care is top notch and is an extremely high priority to us.

The Benefits of Buying From Dark Iron Fitness

  • All of our weightlifting accessories are backed by a free LIFETIME replacement warranty
  • We offer all our customers over $100 worth of product discounts on their purchases.
  • For any new products we release we typically give them away for free or at huge discounts
  • We help promote our customers that use our products by promoting them on Instagram
  • Our products are designed specifically to solve the problems the customer has
  • We offer around the clock customer care

Our Final Words

Overall Dark Iron Fitness isn’t here to be just another weightlifting accessory brand.

We’re here to create an experience for our followers and customers by being a company that you can interact with, engage with, grow with, and enjoy being involved with.

We’re always thinking of new ways we can help you, our followers, and customers. We love getting everyone involved as much as possible.

More than anything we’re here to make sure you’re satisfied.

If you ever need any help or have any questions just get in contact. We love hearing from our previous customers and answering any questions from our future customers to be.

Until then, stay tuned.

– The Dark Iron Fitness Team